I’m still here and busy as ever! Too busy to keep the site updated, unfortunately :(

I’m planning to move away from a blog style format and more of a info site that will require minimal input.

Here are a few things for you to check out:

An interview with the Element Animation team!:


A new trailer for Totes Burgers has just been released and will be premiering at the New York City International Film Festival. I got to voice the creepy boss guy 😉


It’s been way too long since I’ve written here. Things have been busy and I just finished some work on a very cool motion comic from overseas and an interesting student animation.  Expect an update soon!

Ok, my first crack at a podcast. I’m sure these will improve as I make more of them . . I hope, anyway!

Podcast LINKS:

The Journey Down PC/Mac Game

Wing Commander Saga

Eve October Website

The Crack: Season One Ender

Really tight for time these days, so here are a few recently released vids that I was lucky enough to part of!

The Origin of Super Beard Boy from Jorsh Trotter on Vimeo.


Ok, been a little while since an update! I’ve been keeping busy with projects and sadly, had to turn down a few cool unpaid projects in order to get paid ones done on time. I love being able to help out indie productions when I can, but like any voice actor, paid work gets the priority.

Finshed up work on two animations recently. One as the narrator for the Australian based motion comic, “Super Beard Boy and Sidekick” (super funny). The other as The Cop in a short, dark humour animation called “Feed the Bird”. Can’t wait to see how they both turn out and I’ll be sure to post the video here once finished.

The much anticipated Batman: Arkham City was released last week and Majami Hiroz was the first to release their pixlelated game trailer. Two Face and Batman are done by yours truly!


Expect to see an update with a new The Crack video from the great gang at Element Animation here real soon. In the meantime, head over to their YouTube page and subscrbe.

Aspiring Voice Actors: What are you worth?

Voice Acting Club forum members Hnilmik and Druoxtheshredder have started an excellent article over at the VAC. Think you’re good enough to make a few bucks voice acting online? Then check out THIS POST and see how well prepared you really are or need to be. This is an excellent resource for aspiring and hobbyist voice actors.

Before you get dollar signs in your eyes (that means you, super-enthused amateur/aspiring voice actor), keep in mind that there’s a degree of professionalism required to make that digital money, comparable to the professionalism you’d need to get those paychecks in the mail from doing voicework in a physical, not-at-home studio. So, this guide will help you understand what it takes to work like a pro from the comfort of your home.

The Crack – new episode

Another new episode of The Crack by the funny gang at Element Animation! I always have fun recording for them and the quality of their animations is always top-notch. Dan at Element asked if I could do a ” . . . confident, cheesy American game show host type voice.” I was happy to oblige!

Other news . . .

Finished up a short voice over for a Gears of War game mod project and working on lines for a few indie animations. I’ll post the vids once they’re finished.

On the tech-geek side of things, I just purchased a high quality custom cable (Canare quad cable with gold connectors) to go between my SafeSound P1 pre and my Delta 1010LT soundcard.  Should be arriving here in a few days to replace the very cheap Hosa cable I’m currently using. I’ll post some comments regarding the perceptible difference between the two (if there IS a difference).

I haven’t been voice acting long, but so far I feel pretty lucky to have been involved in some top-notch projects with extremely talented people. It wasn’t  long ago that I was rigging up a cheap dynamic mic to my old Line 6 GuitarPort in an attempt to get my voice onto my computer. I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot since then. I’ve also probably spent too much money on microphones. Learning curve!

Anyway, here is the latest episode of The Crack! I love working with these guys. Very talented and very funny. This is part one. Part two should be released in a week or two. Can’t wait!


A while back, I worked on an animation called Eve of October. Well, it’s now available on Amazon! Congrats to Mars Marshall on all his hard work. It’s paid off.

Here’s the movie’s opening:

Recently did a short voice over for an Assassin’s Creed fan animation called “8-bit Assassin’s Creed”. In the short time it’s been on YouTube, it’s gotten close to 300,000 hits and was featured by Ubisoft on their Facebook page. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more work with the animator, Balázs Kalocsai.


Room Treatment

I think one of the most important things new voice actors struggle with is room treatment. Some don’t even realize they need it. Recently, I came across this helpful article by Brandon Drury at Recording Review. He’s talking about room treatment from a music recording engineer’s point of view, but it definitely translates over to voice acting and is just as important. So if you’re unsure where to start with your own room treatment, then check out The Quick And Easy Idiots Guide To Acoustic Treatment In The Home Studio.

So what else is new? Well, our new little fella, Zander has been keeping us busy, but I still have a lot on my plate voice acting-wise. It’s been great! Watch this space for another terrific episode of The Crack. It was SO much fun to work on!

If Google were an egg, what would he sound like? lol Another great vid from the talented folks at Element Animation with guest star, Charlie McDonnell!

It’s finally been released on gametrailers.com and is getting awesome reviews! I’m really proud to be part of such a talented group and can’t wait to work on more episodes. So here it is, The Finale Bit. All voices by yours truly :)


Character Demo
Narration Demo
e-Learning Demo
Telephony Demo
More demos coming soon!
Eight Bit Strange
Element Animation